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Keep these grilling essentials on hand all summer long!

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Stand 'N Stuff™ Soft Taco

Stand 'N Stuff™ Soft Taco

Taco Night essentials are right here! Find soft tortilla boats, seasoning mix, and taco sauce. You add fresh meat and toppings.
Seasoning Mix-Taco

Seasoning Mix-Taco

This little packet is a must to have tucked in your cupboard ready to make a flavor fiesta at a moment's notice.
Stand 'N Stuff™ Taco Shells

Stand 'N Stuff™ Taco Shells

Create super tacos with Old El Paso™ crunchy Super Stuffer™ Taco Shells, ready to hold a super amount.


Turn summer celebrations into flavorful fiestas with these quick tips!

pre-heat grill for at least 15 minutes

use flavored charcoal for even more flavor

be sure to clean your grill after use

let meat rest for a few minutes before cutting