Beer + Tacos

We’re pretty sure tacos and beer were destined to be together. Like Romeo and Juliet, but waaaaay less tragic. So we wanted to celebrate this perfect culinary couple by offering five of our favorite regional recipes paired with a recommended beer from a local craft brewery. Check them out online or in person if you can!

Texas: Beef Brisket Taco Boats + Le Petit Prince, Jester King Brewery

Our pal Amber at Jester King Brewery in Austin, Texas recommended Le Petit Prince, a farmhouse table beer brewed with pilsner malt, wheat, a touch of Caramunich and acidulated malt, lots of Czech Saaz hops and farmhouse yeast. It’s the perfect delicate partner to our sweet and savory Beef Brisket Taco Boats!

Louisiana: Blackened Cajun Chicken Taco Boats + Abita Amber, Abita Brewing

Ben at Abita Brewing Company in Covington, Louisiana got excited about the Abita Amber, a Munich style lager with caramel malts and German perle hops. Its mild sweetness offers a sweet treat next to our Blackened Cajun Chicken Taco Boats!

California: Baja-Style Fish Taco Boats + Mission Brewery

Our Baja-Style Fish Taco Boats have a great chipotle bite with a cool creamy slaw, and Jen at Mission Brewery in San Diego, California suggested their flavorful and hoppy California Craft Lager, their hugely popular seasonal summer beer that’s now available year-round.

Massachusetts: Cannoli Mini Taco Boats + Idle Hands Craft Ales

Christopher at Idle Hands Craft Ales in Malden, Massachusetts was happy to suggest the Emelyn Zwickl Lager to pair with our sweet and delicious Cannoli Mini Taco Boats. He said, “the toasted bread notes would help add a nice contrast to the sweet filling but also compliment the fried tortilla flavors.” And by golly, that sounds pretty amazing.

Wisconsin: Ultimate Cheese Lovers’ Tacos + Central Waters Brewing Company

Yeah yeah yeah we know, cheese and Wisconsin. Obvious much? But seriously, our friend Anello suggested the Rift IPA from Central Waters Brewing Company in Amherst, Wisconsin and it’s kind of perfect with our Ultimate Cheese Lovers’ Taco. This American IPA made with five different hops plus cheese on cheese on cheese? Yes please.