Korean Style Taco Bar


Our second inspired taco bar build includes fresh and delicious Korean-inspired ingredients that’ll totally change your taco game without much effort. The mix of crunch and spice with a dash of savory pickling inspired us to keep these ingredients readily available in our pantries at all times!



Old El Paso team member Ashley went to our neighborhood Asian food market and asked what cut of beef would be best for Korean tacos. They offered flank steak, and suggested Chung Jung One-brand Korean BBQ bulgogi Sauce and Marinade for beef. If you’re interested in whipping up your own Korean beef from scratch, we’ve got a recipe below!




Old El Paso team member Katie is lucky enough to have a good friend and upstairs neighbor from South Korea. Bomi offered a must-have list of ingredients for a successful Korean taco bar!

• Kimchi (you can buy kimchi in jars at most major grocery stores or your local Asian food market. We also offer a recipe below!)
• Cucumbers
 Shredded carrots
• Toasted sesame seeds
• Red pepper flakes
• Gochujang mayo (We bought Bibigo-brand gochujang mayo sauce, but regular gochujang, or red chili paste, would make a great taco bar addition!)
• Pickled radishes
 Green onions
 Basmati or white rice (the rice makes a great base for your taco so the juices and sauces don’t soak through your shell or tortilla!)
 Bean sprouts

And of course, whatever variety of Old El Paso carriers you want for your get-together! We favored the Mini Soft Tortilla Taco Boats so we could try lots of different combinations of ingredients.

If you enjoy prepping your ingredients from scratch, we suggest the following recipes:

Slow-Cooker Korean Beef