The Southern BBQ Taco Bar

The Southern BBQ Taco Bar

Recipes are great. Step-by-step instructions for creating delicious Mexican-inspired concoctions?! Cool! But even the quickest, easiest recipes eventually have diminishing returns when you want to host a big group with different tastes and a quick turnaround.

Which is why we are starting a series of taco bar builds! They’re big on taste and able to please even the pickiest eater by letting them create their very own perfect taco. Get your gathering fed and happy in as little time as it took you to prep an amazing spread!

The first in our series is the Southern BBQ Taco Bar, featuring the most important basics for a successful BBQ-themed taco party!


Simmering pre-shredded chicken or canned chickpeas from your local grocery store and a bottle of Organic Annie’s Original BBQ Sauce offers a basic but delicious protein base for your BBQ taco bar. Don’t forget a variety of Old El Paso shells: Taco Boats, Stand ‘N Stuff shells, or tortillas!


You can’t have a classic Southern BBQ taco bar without offering some VITs (Very Important Toppings):

• Creamy coleslaw
• Collard greens (simmered briefly in salt, pepper, olive oil, and lemon juice)
• Corn
• Baked beans (we bought a can, but feel free to fancy it up with your own favorite recipe!)
• Bread and butter pickles
• Shredded cheddar
• Sliced jalapeños

In case you want to add a special touch to any of your ingredients, we recommend the following recipes from our friends at Tablespoon:

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