Be a Taco Night Know-It-All

Let's see how much you really know about Mexican food. What's an enchilada vs. a burrito? Or what's the difference between a chimichanga and a taquito? The more you know about these Tex-Mex dishes and their differences, the better you can master all their delicious variations.

Be a Taco Night Know-It-All

Classic Bean and Cheese Burritos on a plate with lettuce


This Mexican and Tex-Mex dish is wrapped in flour tortillas with closed ends on each side. You can eat burritos with your hands or a fork, so it's a great dish for many occasions. Burrito recipes vary but are often filled with meat, beans, cheese, sauce and veggies.
Easy Beef Enchiladas in a casserole dish


Enchiladas are all about the sauce, so don't forget your fork! They're smaller or more narrow than a burrito and made with corn tortillas. Typically, they're stuffed with just meat and cheese, but the toppings are up to you!
Beef Chimichanga Taco Bowls on a tray


Just when you thought a burrito couldn't get any better, a chimichanga does it by being deep-fried! That's it! It's simply a deep-fried burrito common in Tex-Mex or Southwestern U.S. cuisine.
Baked Cheesy Chicken Fautas on a serving mat with a dipping sauce


A taquito is also known as a rolled taco or a flauta. It's a fried dish that typically uses corn tortillas, and it's smaller than tacos, often containing meat or cheese. This one is finger-food friendly and a great dish for lunch or kids.
Tamales on a plate


This dish is made of masa, a corn-based dough filled with various meats, beans and cheese. It's then wrapped in corn husks or a banana leaf and steamed to cook. The husk can double as a plate, or you can discard it before you dig in with a fork.