Be a Taco Night Know-It-All

Let's see how much you really know about Mexican food. What's an enchilada vs. a burrito? Or what's the difference between a chimichanga and a taquito? The more you know about these Tex-Mex dishes and their differences, the better you can master all their delicious variations.

Be a Taco Night Know-It-All

Classic Bean and Cheese Burritos


This Mexican and Tex-Mex dish is wrapped in flour tortillas with closed ends on each side. You can eat burritos with your hands or a fork, so it's a great dish for many occasions. Burrito recipes vary but are often filled with meat, beans, cheese, sauce and veggies.
Easy Beef Enchiladas


Enchiladas are all about the sauce, so don't forget your fork! They're smaller or more narrow than a burrito and made with corn tortillas. Typically, they're stuffed with just meat and cheese, but the toppings are up to you!
Beef Chimichanga Taco Bowls


Just when you thought a burrito couldn't get any better, a chimichanga does it by being deep-fried! That's it! It's simply a deep-fried burrito common in Tex-Mex or Southwestern U.S. cuisine.
Baked Cheesy Chicken Fautas


A taquito is also known as a rolled taco or a flauta. It's a fried dish that typically uses corn tortillas, and it's smaller than tacos, often containing meat or cheese. This one is finger-food friendly and a great dish for lunch or kids.


This dish is made of masa, a corn-based dough filled with various meats, beans and cheese. It's then wrapped in corn husks or a banana leaf and steamed to cook. The husk can double as a plate, or you can discard it before you dig in with a fork.