Bringing Families Together

Bringing Families Together

Family is the Most Important Thing

We are proud to announce our partnership with the LeBron James Family Foundation that is rooted in a shared mission to bring families together. Both Old El Paso and the James family have a passion for inviting all households across the country to spark the magic of togetherness with a family meal (and tacos). As the official sponsor of the LeBron James Family Foundation I PROMISE Village Taco meals, we will support I PROMISE programs such as weekly community dinners, Taco Tuesday events and monthly family feasts. 

Welcome to House Three Thirty

Old El Paso is proud to support the LeBron James Family Foundation in their groundbreaking plans for House Three Thirty. This innovative, multi-use facility is dedicated to creating a fantastic place for I PROMISE families in Akron, Ohio.

Through this partnership, Old El Paso has continued to bring families together and helped design The Taco Shop by Old El Paso, a full-service restaurant. This fast-casual dining space brings House Three Thirty families together through quick meal options, but it also provides family-led programming and hands-on job training.

Our Commitment to Serving Up Family Time

We believe the way to quality family time is through family dinners – an important occasion to pause and enjoy each other. For the LeBron James Family Foundation's I PROMISE families living in the I PROMISE Village, this time to connect is even more vital as they overcome tremendous obstacles, including homelessness, domestic violence and other insurmountable circumstances. While COVID-19 has only compounded these challenges, the LeBron James Family Foundation delivers weekly OEP Taco Tuesday meal kits to all I PROMISE families to ensure they're continuing to receive meals and connect over family time.

We are Family Fridays

Old El Paso and the LeBron James Family Foundation are committed to bringing families everywhere together. Follow along as we share interviews about the importance of family togetherness in our We Are Family Fridays series.

“... we have always understood the value of family meals and the importance of bringing people together around the table to engage in deeper conversations.“

- Michele Campbell, Executive Director of the LeBron James Family Foundation

Redefining What Community and Family Looks Like

The Lebron James Family Foundation

Join Us in Bringing Families Together