Taco Night with a Twist

Are you ready to give your Tex-Mex dinner night a refresh? Try adding a new activity to spice up family time. Check out these three kid-friendly ideas to bring extra fun to taco night.

1. Create a Playlist

Whether you're grooving to music as you cook, eat or cleaning up, creating a playlist is a great way to get the fun started. Everyone can take a turn adding new tracks, from family favorites to the song of the season.

Dad and daughter dancing in the kitchen

2. Upcycle Your Packaging

Once you enjoy your Old El Paso shells, sauces and toppings, think about creative ways to upcycle or recycle the packaging. For example, if you've used up your Old El Paso squeeze sauce, clean and refill the bottles with paint, turn it into a container for small items and more!

Dad and two sons sorting through papers and bottles to recycle

3. Play with your Food

Help your family show off their culinary skills with a contest to see who can create a fun picture from their taco toppings.

Plate, wooden spoon and fork, veggies on the plate arranged as trees and sky