Different Types of Peppers

Peppers come in different sizes, shapes, colors and flavors, but they all have one thing in common, they're delicious! Discover more about these versatile ingredients and how to cook with peppers. Ready to add some kick to your next Tex-Mex recipe? Let's get started!

Red, green, yellow, orange peppers


If you're unsure about how to cook with peppers, start with bell peppers. They're tame, sweet and usually very mild with little heat. They commonly come in red, green, yellow and orange, so you can add the color you love best to your meal. You can enjoy these peppers raw as a snack or add them to dishes like fajitas and salads or mild condiments.


These peppers have an earthy flavor akin to a green bell pepper but come with a little more heat, mild to medium rather than sweet and crisp. Additionally, unlike bell peppers, poblanos are rarely eaten raw and are much better roasted or cooked into a dish or sauce like a Chili Relleno. This stuffed pepper dish is a great opportunity to try your hand at cooking with poblanos.


You're probably most familiar with this type of pepper, but do you know what to do with jalapeños? This common chili pepper tastes similar to a bell pepper but adds heat from medium to hot. It's versatile and used in almost every Tex-Mex dish to add flavor and heat in salsas, oils, guacamole and even margaritas!


These are spicier versions of jalapeños with a heat level of hot. Use them in the same way you would a jalapeño when you're ready to kick your dishes up a notch. If you're serving up a dish to a new guest, make sure to let them know it's going to be spicy!


Boo! There's a reason these peppers are named after a spooky spirit ... they have a habit of taking you by surprise. At first bite, you may enjoy a fruity, sweet flavor, but then the heat jumps out, startling many unaware tasters. The heat level is scorching. That's why these peppers are often used for hot sauces. Be conscientious of guests who don't eat hot food regularly; let them know ghost peppers are included in your recipe.