How to Plan a Taco Bar Party

Planning a birthday celebration or fiesta theme party? A taco bar is a sure-fire way to make all your guests happy. Taco bar parties make it easy to let guests customize their meal, allowing everyone to enjoy the flavors they love. Check out our taco bar party ideas with all the tips and delicious recipes you need to get the fiesta started!

Table with colorful decorations,  party hats, taco shells, chips, drinks, corn, rice,


Location is everything! Position your taco bar where it is accessible but won't close off your main party space. You may want to consider two tables, one for foods that need to be served warm like chicken or steak, and one for cold items like cheese, salsa or other taco toppings.


Go bright! Think pennants and party hats in jewel-tone and primary colors, with fresh flowers decorating your tablescape. Select a variety of serving dishes with colors or patterns that can help punch up the taco birthday party vibes.


When choosing taco bar ingredients, start with hard and soft shells that hold everything together like Old El Paso Stand 'N Stuff Shells. Next, consider the main fillings your guests will love, like shredded chicken, barbacoa, carnitas, or steak. Make sure to have plenty of sides like rice and beans, in addition to toppings like salsa, sauces, and guacamole.

Ready to party? Pick up some shells, sides and toppings to make party prep easy, and check out some great recipes for your taco buffet. This taco fiesta will soon be your go-to theme, for any celebration!