Make-Ahead Breakfast Recipes

Old El Paso Make-Ahead Breakfast logo next to Tex-Mex Quinoa breakfast bake in a casserole dish
Make every summer morning memorable with make-ahead Tex-Mex breakfasts. With just a few flavorful recipes, you can simplify the start of your day and teach your children valuable life skills. Keep reading for helpful tips, delicious recipes and more family fun together this summer.
One of the best ways to simplify your mornings is by batch-cooking your Tex-Mex faves. Breakfast burritos, tacos or enchiladas are easily made in large quantities and frozen individually. As you start your day, just heat them up for a nutritious and delicious meal in minutes. Batch cooking allows your kids to get involved with the cooking process and actively select fillings. It also encourages them to experiment with various flavor combinations.

Many Tex-Mex breakfasts freeze exceptionally well. Prep a large batch of salsa, guac and pico de gallo in small, individual containers to quickly thaw and add to your breakfast plates. You can even cook and freeze breakfast meats like chorizo, bacon or sausage patties to swiftly add protein to your morning meals.

Make-ahead Tex-Mex breakfasts are a deliciously simple way to streamline your mornings and make lasting family memories. Tag us in your next summer breakfast spread @OldElPaso.