Vegetarian Tex-Mex Recipes

From veggie burgers to meat made from plants, there are many ways to boldly go where no meatless meal has gone before. Give these vegetarian Tex-Mex recipes a try and go on an unexpected flavor adventure.

Trying to stay true to your plant-based or vegetarian lifestyle but don’t want to put flavor on the back burner? You’re in good company! In the sizzling world of Old El Paso, there are plenty of easy Mexican-inspired recipes that have a plant-powered, vegetarian or meatless twist.

Whether you're craving a zesty app to go with your nacho chips, or a protein-packed and easy Mexican-inspired dinner recipe with a punch of spice, prepare to pack your bags and go on an adventure of plant-based brilliance. Dive into our Impossible™ Taco Bowl with Fresh Guacamole, give our Taco Pasta Salad recipe a spin or go Mediterranean with our grilled veggie tacos. No matter which flavor direction you take, Old El Paso is your trusted and tasty travel partner.