8 Ways to Kick Up Your Game Day Guac

August 14, 2023

Everybody loves a classic homemade guacamole recipe — smashed avocados, fresh lime juice, cilantro and red onion. The all-around creamy texture and bright, zesty flavor are what make guac a consistent crowd-pleaser for just about any occasion. But the best part? This dish is always ripe for modifications, personalization and all-around zhuzhing. Once you get the basic creamy, tangy and texture elements of a great guac, the sky’s the limit for customization. What better time to put a new spin on this old recipe than game day?

Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up our favorite ingredient add-ins and a couple of crowd-pleasing recipes to make kicking your guac up a notch easier — and tastier — than ever. Pro tip: Take your guacamole beyond the game day dip bowl and try it out for your next family breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s a tasty way to liven up tacos, wraps and eggs.

Game-Changing Guacamole Ingredients

  1. Jalapeños: The heat from jalapeños comes from the pith and ribs of the pepper. If you like a little kick in your food, dice up some spicy jalapeño and mix it into your guac to your family’s preference.
  2. Roasted Tomatoes: Add some sweet summer-inspired flavor to your favorite guacamole recipe with roasted tomatoes — this combo tastes especially great spread across a slice of toast. Just be sure to drain your roasted tomatoes as much as possible so they don’t add too much liquid to the guacamole.
  3. Fire-Roasted Corn: You can make your own fire-roasted corn by sautéing fresh or thawed frozen corn kernels in a hot skillet until they are charred in spots. This creative combo creates a guac that has loads of flavor and is perfect for parties or family dinners on the patio.
  4. Queso Fresco: Often found in a taco or burrito together, guacamole and cheese are a natural combo. Queso fresco in guac makes for an especially delicious dip that’s perfect for any appetizer table. Instead of tortilla chips, give vegetables like baby carrots and celery a try.
  5. Poblano Peppers: For mild to medium heat, add poblano peppers to your guacamole. If you love the charred, subtly smoky flavor of smoked poblanos, throw some peppers on the grill. Steam, peel, seed, chop and add to the guac for an all-new flavor profile.
  6. Pumpkin: This may sound unconventional, but that’s only because it is! It’s also perfect for a late summer evening on the deck or a cozy early fall gathering. To bring this slightly sweet flavor surprise to your guacamole, peel, cube and roast pie pumpkin and add it to your mashed avocados It tastes great with blue corn chips. For an even sweeter pumpkin-spice flavor, use a can of pumpkin puree and serve with pita chips.
  7. Diced Mango: Diced mangoes are a super easy way to add a twist to your guacamole. The mango’s sweet and zesty tang is an especially refreshing choice for summertime but can be enjoyed whenever the fruity craving calls. Scoop it with chips or add it to your tacos and burritos.
  8. Cottage Cheese: Cottage cheese is definitely having a moment, so why not take advantage?! Simply spoon it into your mashed avocados and stir, especially if you like your guac a little more on the chunky side. For a smoother and creamier dip, blend or run the cottage cheese through a food processor before adding it to the avocados.

Fan-Favorite Guacamole Recipes