It’s The Perfect Time For Giving Thanks

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During the month of November, we invite you to celebrate family time with a gratitude-filled family night, complete with a Thanksgiving craft idea and a heart-warming meal, inspired by our partnership with the LeBron James Family Foundation.

Old El Paso is proud of our ongoing partnership with the LeBron James Family Foundation (LJFF). Together, we share a passion and a mission for bringing families together and inspiring the next generation of community leaders through community dinners, events and initiatives. 

A key aspect of our work with the foundation includes showing appreciation for the supportive people in our lives. With Thanksgiving around the corner, November is the perfect time for giving thanks and practicing gratitude. We invite you to join us and the LJFF in celebrating the value of gratitude by planning a special night around the dinner table with your family. It’s easy to do—follow our suggestions below or add in your own unique twist. No matter how your night goes, you’ll be sure to see the rewards.

To learn more about our partnership with the LeBron James Family Foundation and how we give back to the community, be sure to visit the Old El Paso Mission page as well as the LJFF website.

Thanks giving


Pick a night to gather your family around the dinner table for a special meal. Talk about the people, places and things you’re grateful for. Discuss ways you can show this gratitude to others, such as writing someone special a letter, performing an act of community service or just giving someone important in your life a simple phone call to say, “Thank you.” 

Thanks giving


A Thanksgiving paper chain is an easy and fun way to teach kids about being thankful, even for the little things in our everyday lives. All you need is a few sheets of colored paper, some markers or crayons and glue or tape to get started. Here’s how it works:  

  1. Cut the colored paper into strips. Make sure you have enough strips for each day between now and Thanksgiving. 
  2. At dinner time, ask each family member to write down one thing they’re grateful for on a strip of colored paper. As the month progresses, continue until all the strips are filled. 
  3. Use glue or tape to link the paper strips together to create a chain.

By the time Thanksgiving comes around, your family will have a festive garland to display—and a sweet reminder of all you're thankful for as a family.

Thanks giving


Of course the family celebration would not be complete without something absolutely delicious to eat while you're giving thanks. Our Classic Beef Enchiladas recipe is the perfect dinner to share as a family. You can even extend your gratitude by proactively making a double batch and delivering one to a teacher, friend, neighbor or extended family member—someone in your community that you are thankful for. Here are some other family-friendly meal ideas to choose from:


If you’d like to learn more about our ongoing partnership with the LeBron James Family Foundation and how we continue to work toward bringing families together, visit our Mission page. If you’d like to show gratitude for all of the important work that the foundation does, you can make a donation by visiting the LBJFF website.